Golden Sword Services


Air conditioning repairs need done typically just when you need to cool down your home the most. Don’t live in discomfort. Keep it cool with our team at Golden Sword Services.

Hear strange sounds when running your air conditioner?

 Air conditioning repair is probably a necessity. Our commitment to Arizona’s comfort makes us a safe choice for your air conditioning repairs.

Air Conditioning Repairs Need To Happen Quick

In the hot months of the summer here in Arizona, it can be extremely dangerous to go without air conditioning in your home. You need your cooling system working fast so you and your family does not overheat.

Working with Golden Sword Services means prompt, reliable air conditioning service and repairs. Refrigerant leaks? Compressor issues? We have you covered from A to Z!

Call us at the first sign of trouble with your air conditioner.

If your air conditioner is not functioning properly, don’t hesitate to get it repaired. Costly replacement could be avoided by a quick and releatively cheaper service call. We will diagnose your air conditioning issue the same day we come out!


Watch out for:

  • Strange operating sounds when air conditioner is on
  • Warm air coming from vents when it is supposed to be cool
  • Increased electrical bill charges
  • AC starts quickly but then stops working almost immediately
  • Ice built up, visible on unit
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